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Verantwoord ondernemen op Jachthaven Marina MuiderzandVerantwoord ondernemen op Jachthaven Marina Muiderzand

Corporate responsibility

The Thuishavens meet the strictest standards with respect to service and environmental care. In recognition of this, we have been awarded two quality awards: the Blue Flag and the Gold Anchor.

The Blue Flag
Marina Muiderzand has been awarded the Blue Flag for quite a few years now. It is an international environmental quality award which is presented annually to beaches and marinas that have demonstrated that they are clean, environmentally friendly and safe.

The Gold Anchor
Marina Muiderzand was awarded five Gold Anchors (the maximum) by the Yacht Harbour Association. The Gold Anchor is an international quality award guaranteeing a high standard of facilities. For more information visit the corporate responsibility page at Den Daas Recreatie or go to

Corporate sustainability
All Thuishavens attach great importance to the environment and the wellbeing of nature, man and wildlilfe. This is demonstrated by how our marinas are run. You can also help us to keep the marina looking attractive and clean. To this end, please note the following:
  • Our showers are timer controlled to limit water consumption.
  • Toilets are flushed with 'grey water' instead of drinking water.
  • Paper, glass and chemical waste are collected separately.
  • Drinking water on the pontoons is not intended for hosing down boats. We use water from the marina itself instead.
  • A dirty water and bilge water pump are available in the marina.
  • In our recycling compound your used oil, leftover paint and rags are disposed of appropriately.
  • Where possible we have used energy saving lamps and LED lighting. Time switches prevent energy waste.
  • Electricity use on the pontoons is metered to improve both your and our awareness of energy consumption.
  • No harmful pesticides are used.
  • We use 100% green electricity through the purchase of energy from hydropower.
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bewolkt en een enkele lichte buiMonday
4.7 / 9.5 °CKans op zon 65%Windkracht 6, W
bewolkt met lichte regen of motregenTuesday
6.7 / 9.9 °CKans op zon 80%Windkracht 6, W
zwaar bewolkt en een enkele buiWednesday
3.2 / 8.0 °CKans op zon 80%Windkracht 6, W
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Corporate responsibility
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